Every few months something inside me clicks into gear to try and improve my business. This time it feels a little bit more personal then creative, but I think it's just as important. A lot of people ask me why and when I started doing videography, I always gave them my generic answer of "oh I have always just loved it." Or "I started my career when I graduated high school." Very simple answers that just got the job done. But recently I have wanted to create a better connection with my clients and other creatives and I thought this would be the best way to do just that.


This is the REAL reason I started doing what I love and how I made it my career.

For me there were multiple 'AH-HA' moments in my life that have lead me to become who I am as a videographer. To begin, I really have always been obsessed with carrying around a camera. I would sneak my moms little Canon point and shoot camera to school and I was always taking pictures with my friends. It was nothing professional but I think it was definitely a creative outlet. I would even make funny music videos. Haha! 

When I was a senior in high school I wanted to run for student council. After going back and forth on positions to apply for one of my teachers told me that no one was running for videographer. I remember thinking, 'YES that would be absolutely perfect, it's right up my alley!'  So I created a video for that years prom theme, submitted it, and basically won by default. But I'll take it anyway! haha. For my whole senior year I created little videos promoting school dances and events, silly videos advertising. I even got the chance to create a documentary for that years 'Make-A-Wish' kid which was a really fun experience learning different techniques. I also took some film and photography classes in high school. It was basically everything you would expect from a high school film class, but it did teach me basics and things that I eventually elevated into creating my own film company. So I guess you could say it gave me a start! 

I was absolutely obsessed at the time with 'Hailey Devine' and her blog 'Something Devine.' Which is now called 'Somewhere Devine' and she travels the world with her British husband and two adorable kids! I seriously remember coming home from school everyday, sitting down at the computer, and watching every single one of her newly uploaded videos on 'vimeo'. It was so inspiring to see her make simple moments became grand adventures and I definitely believe it was another one of my light bulb moments to further my career. I started to pick up my camera and just began shooting little moments and events trying to create my own little adventures. One day I decided I wanted to create wedding films. I loved the happiness in those videos the best because love is love, right? My sisters in-laws were looking for a videographer to shoot their wedding, this was back in 2014 when videographers were just starting to make their way into the wedding industry in Utah. I told her that I would do it for free if she let me shoot it so of course she agreed, a free wedding video? Alright! I remember being SO nervous to shoot their wedding I felt like I was going to throw up.. but as soon as I started shooting I felt completely in my element and all my nerves went right away. It felt so natural and I just felt so enlightened and fell in love! I think thats when I knew I wanted to be a wedding videographer, but felt really unsure about how to go about it. After I finished their wedding video I started to use it to promote that I shoot weddings! I posted it on the good ole' Facebook and before you knew it I had a few people reaching out with me about capturing their big day! It honestly was so relieving to know that people liked my work and wanted to hire me. I believe the first wedding I charged money for it was like less then $300 for their entire wedding day and their first look formal session. Don't all drop your jaws at once.. haha! I actually remember the first time I charged some "actual money", it was at this gorgeous wedding up at 'Log Haven' and I felt like I had made it big time with my $600! I really think it was because I couldn't believe my eyes that I could actually make money doing something that I loved, even though $600 doesn't seem like a lot of money it felt like I had just won the lottery.

But besides growing my love for videography, the key moment for me that I knew it would be my career was when I met my husband Brandon. I was attending school at Utah Valley University at the time, just taking generals and a photography class. I almost knew immediately that school wasn't going to push me into a creative career, and although school is so important for other outlets, it just didn't feel like it was getting me to where I wanted to be. I finished my semester and began a new one in January of 2015 with only two classes- I know, I know, I obviously really wanted to further my education right? haha. I was dating Brandon for only a month or so when I dropped out of school, or rather, took a leave of absence to pursue my dreams. It was a really big decision and I remember clear as day talking with my parents about it. They were always supportive but they were a little unsure about the prospect of me dropping out (like any good parent). When I finally built up the courage to tell Brandon about it I knew for sure he would think I was a failure and dump me. Little to my surprise, when I told him he almost acted proud! He thought it was incredible that I was trying to further my dreams. When I first dropped out I booked 9 weddings for the following May, I couldn't believe it! I also couldn't believe that I was so burnt out from may and I still had a whole summer of amazing weddings..haha! Months later he actually was the one who pushed me to buy the 'Canon 5D Mark iii'  which by the way is a very amazing camera. I would pin point this as one of the major cores of my career. We got married in November of 2015 and I was still working a full time job at this point. I was able to get away with shooting weddings because they mostly fall on weekends, but soon enough it was becoming a big enough problem and conflict with my work schedule that I eventually quit in February of 2016. It was such a breath of fresh air. I clearly remember right before I quit, Brandon was showing me the numbers for working at my call center job and working with videography and explaining I would only need to shoot 2 weddings a month to make more then my day job. DONE. I hit the ground running, quite literally shooting anything and everything I could. About a year after that I started to feel like my work wasn't pushing me creatively and that the market was getting heavier and heavier in Utah. I needed something to push my work over the top and make it stand out above everyone else. It sounds easier said then done. I experimented with different filters and different ideas, I found different creative people on Instagram who inspired me. That is when I shot my 'Kate+Garrett' video. The pivotal moment in my career when I turned my work from ordinary to 'EXTRA'ORDINARY. I broke all the rules and fell in love with my work again, and that is when I found my style.

Videography is and always will be a major part of my life and I am so excited that I get to share my story with will of you! It's amazing what someone can do with an idea and a dream and make it a reality.